2018 Election Docs

2018 Election Docs

Chapter Election - Call For Nominations

Dear LPGA WWP Sandhills Chapter Member:

It's your turn and we need you!  We have many members with the skills and talent to lead our Chapter.  This is your opportunity to make a positive difference by nominating yourself and/or others for a Chapter Board position.  

You may wonder "what's in it for me?".   Plenty!  Our volunteer leaders get to know and be known by the most other members, can learn or polish valuable skills, and enjoy a great deal of personal satisfaction from contributing to the Chapter's decisions and operations.

Each year we conduct elections for our Chapter Board Members in accordance with our bylaws, and the new board takes over by November 1.   To provide stability in the running of our Chapter, the Board position terms will vary so that, in the future, the entire Board won't turn over in the same year.

For 2019, we'll be electing the following:

President: 1 year term. Currently Lisa Bomkamp
Marketing/ Communications Director: Kim Daly

Please see the position descriptions for each office.   This shows the types of duties falling under each area of responsibility, but many are optional.  Which of those are/aren't priorities, and even the scope of most required tasks is up to the Board and the Director.  

You can nominate yourself or someone else from the membership who you feel would be an asset to our leadership and the growth of our Chapter on the nomination form.   

Yes, it takes a commitment to be a Board member, but the friendships we've made and the lives we've touched have been significant, meaningful rewards.  

I hope you'll join us in sharing that experience by making a leadership commitment.  Just complete and return the nomination form to me by August 26, 2018.


Lisa BomKamp
Nominating Committee Chair, LPGA WWP Sandhills NC Chapter

Here's our timetable:

Here's our timetable:
Nomination forms sent to members:  August 2018
Nomination form return deadline: August 2018
Ballot/slate of candidates sent to members: September 2018
Ballot/slate of candidates return deadline: September 2018
New Chapter Board installed: November 1, 2018

Questions?  Phone: (513)405-6546 or email: golfeducation@ewga-sandhills.com