EWGA System Activation

LPGA Amateur Golf Association System Activation

All members are entitled to keep a USGA handicap on the LPGA Amateur Golf Association system for NO additional charge. 

If you're not yet on the LPGA Amateur Golf Association handicap system, all you need to do to get activated is:
1) Go to lpgaamateurs.com
2) At the top right of the page, click "Sign In". This will open a new window showing "Login" at the top.
You will log in with the primary email address you gave the LPGA Amateur Golf Association and your personal password.  If you have never logged in as a member, the default password is Password1.  (You can change it once you've logged in.)
3) Click "Handicap" on the left menu bar.  This will take you to the LPGA Amateur Golf Association network handicap system site, where you will already be logged in.  (If you don't see "handicap", but do see "post a score", hit that.)

Once you've gone to the handicap system site while logged in, you should be activated and can begin posting scores.  It's HIGHLY recommended that you bookmark the Member Login page to get to the handicap system since there's no direct access from the Member Clubhouse at present.