EWGA Score Posting

EWGA Score Posting

To post a score on the EWGA system:

1) Go to the member portal ("click Member Login" at
www.ewga.com and login with your email address and personal password).  We highly recommend you bookmark the member login page after you click onto it, since at present, it offers the only direct access to the handicap system. 
2) Click "Handicap" on the left menu bar.
Once you have arrived at your personal page, you'll see "My Score Center" underneath your handicap index (which, by the way, will show "NH" or no handicap if you're just starting out).  You have two options, "Enter Score", or "Enter Hole-By-Hole Score".

Either way, you'll need to:
1)  Enter the date the round was played. 
This defaults to today's date, so if you're not posting a score for a round you just finished, you must click on the calendar and select the actual date you played that round. 
2)  Enter the course where the round was played.
For all Sandhills Chapter members, this will default to Longleaf.  If you played any other course, click the "Away Course Finder", enter the state, and choose the course from the list.  (Once you've posted a score, that course will appear on the Course List directly below the date, so you can simply click it off that list.)
3)  If you played 9 holes rather than 18, choose "Front 9" or "Back 9". 
4)  Select the tees from which you played.
5)  If it was a tournament round, please check "Tournament".
6)  At your option, you may enter a fellow member with whom you played to attest your score.

To enter your score:

If you've chosen "enter score", you'll simply put in your total score (adjusted for Equitable Stroke Control, if applicable) where indicated. 

If you've chosen "enter hole by hole score", you have the option of tracking statistics if you kept them (putts, fairways hit, etc.).  You'll click "go to scorecard", where you'll enter the score (and statistics, if applicable) for each hole.  In this case, you do NOT need to adjust your score for Equitable Stroke Control.  The system will do that automatically - one of the major benefits of hole-by-hole posting.

If you have your scorecard and played from a set of tees rated for women, we encourage you to post your score hole by hole.

One additional note: you should avoid "manual entry".  This is designed for posting scores for unrated tees (for example, if you play in a tournament for which the tees have been temporarily moved) or rounds played on courses not in the database (for example, a course overseas you played on vacation).   Every course in North and South Carolina should be in the database with current, correct ratings.  Don't use "manual entry" simply because the course scorecard shows a different course and slope rating than in the database.  (The ratings on the card may be obsolete if the course was re-rated, but still had a lot of old scorecards in stock!) 

If you realize you've made an error after posting your score, please contact Lisa Bomkamp, Handicap Chair by email to